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Scholarships for students at the Summer Guitar Conservatory: 

     $85 pays for one student to attend this four-day summer camp at a local Houston school from June 26-29

This camp is free for the student regardless of any criteria!       

For more info, click the Summer Guitar Conservatory

To sponsor one (or more) students at the SGC 2023, please click here:

All donations are 100% tax-deductible!

We will follow-up with you by email to thank you for your donation and arrange to deliver your reward(s)!


Food, especially cooked food -- Lunch on Thursday, June 29, 11:30 - 12:30, Cafeteria

Snacks, or quality baked goods --

     Thursday, Closing Reception, after the concert and group photo, 2:30pm - 3:00pm, Cafeteria

Accessories: Guitar strings, Guitar tuners

Printing assistance (Color Programs, Certificates, T-Shirts)

Publicity assistance (Web site hosting)

Prizes: Guitar(s), Guitar-related items

Photography  (especially final concert / group photo)

Instruments for schools:  

     $90 purchases one NEW high-quality classical guitar for use at a new or 

     expanding school program.


To donate instruments to schools, click the button below:   

(Place "Instrument Grant" program in comment field)

We will follow-up with you by email to let you know which school and which teacher received the instruments you sponsored!

Teacher Training Project:  

     $150 pays for a teacher-trainer to make one visit to a new guitar program. 

     Our trainers work with the students and the teacher(s) at the school.  

     This training is open to any music teacher who applies for the project, 

     no guitar experience necessary. 

To donate, click the button below:

(Place "Teacher Training" program in comment field)

We will follow-up with you by email to let you know which school and teacher received the training you sponsored!

Community Concert:  

 Consider sponsoring a House Salon Concert highlighting a true master of the guitar performing live in a local home.

     We feature interaction with the guitar-aficionado audience to encourage education, inspiration and musical curiosity.

     Local students and young professionals will also be featured at the concert.

     To see information on our last House Concert, click our concert information page: 


To donate, click the button below:

(Place "Community Concert" program in comment field)

We will follow-up with you to discuss planning and organizing the next Community Concert!


Each amount includes ALL REWARDS on that line and above.

Donation by check:  checks made payable to Guitar Initiative, Inc. (Inquire for address)

Donation by eCheck or Transfer:  Details can be arranged… Let us know.

These are the REWARDS available to sponsors of the Summer Guitar Conservatory.

If you would like to donate to a specific project, or a specific school, please contact our fundraising coordinator, Mr. Mark Moore:

We will follow-up with you about which project you'd like to fund, and after six months we will share with you a summative report of the project.

All donations are 100% tax-deductible.  

On behalf of the students who will learn to play and achieve success on the guitar because of your donation,

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for making their education possible!